Friday, April 25, 2008

Mimi is coming and we've been tagged!!!

Mimi is coming has been the mantra around our house for the last several weeks and tomorrow is the big day. My mom and grandmom will arrive at 2:30. I am so excited to have 4 generations together. They will be here for Kozette's third bithday. I am trying to keep the festivities simple but it is difficult to not go overboard. Anyone who knows me knows I love a party!

The girls were tagged by the Devine Miss Zoe over at Drew and Carrie's blog. Here is a bit of scoop about the Quinn girls.


K still calls herself Aiyaya. This one might stick. Tefessae, our wonderful driver in Ethiopia emailed me and told me it is a term of endearment in Ethiopia.

T has many nicknames. T-Dawg, Boo Boo, Boo Boo Booinski, Boo Boo Magoo. She has also taken to calling herself Aiyaya from time to time.


T is getting around rather quickly these days. She loves to hold balls and can spot one from a mile away.

K is a baller. She can dribble with both hands and her coach/babysitter, Ange, has high hopes for her basketball career. T can even dribble with one hand behind her back.


K is a fan. She loves men. We have finally gotten to a point where she does not just run up and jump into their arms. We had a few embarrassing moments especially in the airport on our way home from Ethiopia.

T takes a while to warm up but has a few favs. Pop pop is number one of course.


T loves to drum. She will drum on anything. She also has a few little diddies she sings. Happy Birthday to mommy is my favorite. My birthday was a month ago but she still sings to me daily.

K is a big fan of dancing. She likes to sing while I dance and then we switch. Do we know how to have fun or what?


K loves her little sister and smothers her with affection, even when she is not up for it. She likes to feed her and always makes sure her needs are met.

T looks up to her big sissy and imitates her. This morning K coughed so T coughed. She also attempts to keep up verbally and is doing very well.


T is all about the cell phone. She will turn anything into a cell phone, a cracker, a toy, a piece of paper. She will say hello and when I ask her who it is, it's always Mimi or Pop Pop.

K likes the lap top. She will sit and ask to look at the babies. She is already a blogger. Recently she found an old calculator and she makes believe it is her computer. She puts it in her bag and tells me she is going to work.


K likes to chase the cats and try to kiss them. She doesn't understand why they won't stay still.

T is a big fan of our neighbor's dog. She is very in tune to the barking and gets so excited saying "doggie, doggie, doggie".


T can't get enough of it. This girl can eat and eat and eat. The other night she got up in the middle of the night and got in bed with K and I. As we were both dozing off (I thought), she said mommy as sweet as can be. When I said yes she said eat. This little lady has food on the brain 24/7.

K is getting more adventerous with food but her favorites are still oatmeal and cheerios.


K is very eager to have puffs. She point to pictures and really tries to get enough hair together to make it happen.

T still struggles with the wash, so does her momma. I'm surpried the neighbors don't call the cops she screams so loud.


K is a loyal momma's girl. Affection is 24/7. She still needs momma to sleep. We're working on that one.

T has forgiven me for totally disrupting our perfect little lives. She gives lots of kisses but they are always on her terms.

I tag Malia's mom.

Sunday, April 13, 2008