Saturday, March 29, 2008


My bills are piled up and my list of things to do is longer than it's ever been but I still find time every few days to check in on my blog buddies and see what is happening. I've thought about cutting myself off and just can't bring myself to do it. Keeping up with everyone reminds me of the miracles that have occurred in my life over the past year. I am reminded of the ups and the downs of the adoption process and I squeeze my girls just a little tighter and give them an extra kiss good night. Thank you all for reminding me how special this journey is. I am jumping up and down for Renee and Geert and Courtney and Lindsey they begin the process once again. Congratulations and good luck. Please visit Renee's site and check out the tags she will be selling to help fund their next adoption. Everyone needs to buy some and $5.00 is way too cheap. This family deserves some tips! Also, congratulations to all the families that have passed court and received referrals. What an exciting few weeks it's been. Check out this site to see what is going on with the Gladney families but be careful blogging is addictive.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness.........

Aloha Friends,

I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for an update on the Quinn Girls. Sorry it's taken me so long but these little darlings are keeping me busy. I am still attempting to find my balance and have a feeling I will continue to work on this. Most parents have shared that this will be a struggle for the next 18 years.

For the next two weeks I will be on Spring Break and am very grateful to have the break from work. I am loving every minute with my girls. Tsebay and Kozette are doing awesome. They are the cutest, most affectionate , smartest sisters. They fall more and more in love with each other daily and it is adorable. Being able to watch this bond develop is amazing. I am blessed to be their mommy. Tsebay is walking and talking and her pesonality is so sweet. She loves Elmo, brushing her teeth and eating. She really, really loves eating. Tsebay is easy going and is well bonded to her babysitter, Ange and her Aunt Shelly. She is starting to call me momma and it makes my heart melt. Tsebay gives lots of kisses but you only get them when she decides she's up for it. She attempts to keep up with her big sis and her language development is very impressive. The one thing she hates is getting her hair washed. Any tips in this area are greatly appreciated.

Kozette is a super intelligent. She understands everything and her vocabulary is expanding daily. Her favorites phrases are "I see" and "I'll be right back". She likes to act like she is going to work and driving a car. On the flip side she likes to act like a baby. She acts like she is learning to walk and if you didn't know better you would believe she is a baby. She is a drama queen. Kozette will respond to her name but calls herself I-ya-ya. This is a name she picked up at some point in Ethiopia and she is not letting it go. If anyone has any idea if there is any meaning to this name/word, please let me know.

We are having a blast! The pics below are from our afternoon at the beach park, a day at the beach and St. Patty's Day. The one with the computer is the girls and I catching up on our blogging. They are checking out the newest Gladney babe, Abe, being picked up by his mom and dad. We are thrilled for them.

Up until a week ago I was totally ruling out the Blog Union but after seeing how all of my other blog buddies are making it happen I'm hoping to do the same. This is a once in a lifetime and I'm going to do what I can to get there.