Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandmom

G is for the GUIDANCE you have given to our family

R is for keeping it REAL. You are always true to your values and beliefs.

A is for your positive ATTITUDE. It is contagious.

N is for the NAPS we used to take together. Your snoring secret is safe with me.

D is for the DESTINATIONS of your many trips. The bed is ready.

M is for the MANY, MANY people who love you.

O is for OPEN MINDEDNESS. Thanks for always listening to our views.

M is for MANY, MANY more healthy, happy years.

WE LOVE YOU.........XOXOXO........Rachelle, Maria and Tsebay

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yipppeee!! We've reached our goal!!!

Thanks to the support of many family and friends the raffle is sold out. We have reached our goal and will be pulling the winner on Thursday, November 1st so stop by and see who the lucky winner is. Thanks Gail, P-Dawg, Big B, Gram L, Jen and Jeff Magson, Uncle Dennis, Rebecca, my blog buddies and all the others who spread the word and got the raffle tickets sold. It touches me daily to think of all the love that is out there for my new family. Mom (Mimi) and Kate thank you so much for putting so much time, energy and love into making this raffle a reality. This will always be such a special part of our family's adoption story.

I am (not so) patiently awaiting my court date. I am really hoping to have Kozit in my arms by Christmas. Please keep the prayers coming. I dream of her at night and think of her all day. I imagine her playing with Tsebay and think of the changes I will have to make to manage two children. I find myself wondering-- What is she doing? Is she safe, healthy, well fed? I am so fortunate to have Tsebay in my life. She keeps me busy and is a constant reminder that yes, the adoption dream does become a reality. I have decided to keep Kozit as her first name although I am thinking about changing the spelling, Kozette perhaps? I am still searching for a middle name. I'll keep you posted.

Tsebay turned 9 months and is doing all the things a 9 month old does. We had her physical this week and is in tip top shape. She is crawling and getting into everything. She is very, very verbal. I wonder where she gets this from?

Here are some recent pics.

In the last pic. we are at a polo match and Tsebay is wearing her polo by Ralph Lauren. Is she styling or what? This little cutie has the perfect outfit for every occasion. Thanks to all my fashion savy friends and family.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Double Yahoooooo! First, after a long rainy season in Ethiopia the courts are open. For those of us following the progress of Ethiopian adoptions the court closure has felt like forever. Congratulations Mestas, big sister Ellie and Evangeline Grace for being one step closer to your little ones. I will keep you in my prayers and hope all will go well during your Friday court date. The second reason to celebrate is my dossier is complete and will make a quick stop in DC and then be off to Ethiopia. I received this email from Mary today-
Kate informed me that your dossier to ready to be sent to D.C. today! That is great news!
So once your dossier reaches Ethiopia , Belay will have your dossier translated into Amharic. As soon as it is translated, he will have it submitted to the courts. I will contact you once we have a court date set for you.

I'm guessing a November 15th court date and traveling the last week of Nov./first week of Dec. Anyone have an over/under?

I've had tons of support lately to assist with adoption costs. There have been four special families giving $1000. donations, Jen, Jeff and Maddie (love ya and hope to see you soon), one of Jeff's coworkers (WOW!!!, the kindness of strangers is the best), Bob, my mom's coworker (now known as Uncle Bob) and my Grandmom Mc Gee (you rock, Gram). Thank you so much to everyone who has helped out and purchased a raffle ticket or tickets. There are still some available. My mom and cousin will be selling them until the end of the month or until we sell 275. Think, Maui, beaches, surfing, relaxing, sun, hiking, waterfalls. I promise to make it the trip of a lifetime and you'll get to see my two little cuties. I also found out last week that I will be receiving a $2000. grant through Gladney's Ashenefi's Gift! Thank you Gladney and grant organizers. Asking for financial assistance has been a humbling experience but I just keep reminding myself that it's not about me but about the girls. The outpouring of love and support is so overwhelming and keeps me motivated when the wait seems never ending. Maya Kozit and Tsebay Grace thank you as well. How sweet will it be to finally see them together.

Tsebay is growing and continues to be very verbal. Her favorite activity is to be read to. She will sit and attend for as long as someone is willing to read. She can be totally fussy but will calm down as soon as you open a book. She turns the pages and verbalizes when she sees certain pictures. She loves animals. Her two favorites are cat and duck. These are two of her first words. She has a tooth coming in on the bottom. I have felt it but don't get to see it too often. Her tongue is still out most of the time and I think it's even more so now that there is a tooth to check out. Tsebay loves music. She enjoyed some Irish tunes last night at Mulligans and enjoys entertaining us with her drum. Here are some pics of my little darling in action. She is so ready to crawl but just can't manage to go forward.